Hey Y'all!

I’m Kariann the owner and creator of these beauties. I’m also a dog mom!


Welcome to Klose To My Heart! Home of customizable works of art!


I started Klose To My Heart back in 2010. I was living back with family while my (now) ex-husband was deployed. I started this business with one goal in mind to create beautiful pieces that have meaning! I had a specific focus on military jewelry. Items for family members to support their service members. When choosing the business name I wanted something that has a lot of meaning and was unique! Klose To My Heart was born from that very concept! Every piece I design has meaning and love!


Throughout our marriage we struggled with wanting a baby. It was one of the biggest heartaches. It had a huge impact in my business and became an inspiration for several pieces! I wanted to use this challenge that we faced to help others going through something similar.

In 2016 my (now) ex-husband got out of the Marines due some trouble he was having with the marines and we moved to Texas. My business still going strong started to change with the season of life and the trends. I took on part-time job at our church camp doing clerical work. Still working to try and grow Klose To My Heart too!


In June of 2017 my life changed a lot. I left my (now) ex-husband of almost 8 years. It was not a decision that I made easily (after months of counseling together and apart.) I was working on things and he wasn’t. He filed for divorce roughly a week later. My marriage was full of a lot of ups and downs including physical, emotional, and mental abuse.

It wasn’t easy but when you marry someone you do it with the understanding of forever. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t make decisions easily. I always tend to see the best in people and believe they can change, even when they don’t want to.

This season of life was hard but I am better and stronger for it! My faith in God, my loving parents, and a wonderful church home have been my support. 

Everything shapes you and as an artist this season and the season before are no exception. It has made me stronger! I hustle even harder now!

While it was a blessing we never had any children. I do have one----This business is my child- I have watched this baby grow. When you order from my small business you are supporting my dream! When I say thank you for ordering, I mean it! Your order means the world to me!!


This business has been such a blessing throughout my life. When times were hard it was my creative outlet and constant! Now more than ever it continues to be that. It is my full time career.


I have worked for many years to become very good at the art I create. Hand stamping in particular has been an area I have worked hard to perfect so that each piece can be completely customized! I have taken many classes to grow my knowledge and be the best business owner I can. I want you to love and adore and cherish your wearable works of art for many years to come!